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A service that is next to none!

a service that is attractively affordable. Our people-friendly team of professionals ensures that services rendered to you, our valued customers are accurate and reports presented are in a timely manner.

Employers are able to register with us and post job opportunities for their establishment free of cost. It gives them the capability to view applicants photographs and resume giving them the option to select the most suitable candidate for the job. It is linked directly to your email address and your cell phone so you can receive updates on applicants who are interested in working for you. 


Prospective employees register for free and are able to view different companies that are members of BarCheck and view job opportunities as soon as they are posted on the website. Applicants are also notified of job opportunities through emails and text messages. 

We Give You

A service that is next to none!

Registered members are able to do advertisements on the site which are directly sent to all members of BarCheck both by emails and text messages. This medium will reach all our members around the world as BarCheck continues to expand. 

BarCheck requires that employers deduct a service charge of 25% of the first salary for each individual who obtained a job through our website, who will become successfully employed. There is no charge for a referral to liquor and beverage suppliers. 

Funds can be paid using PayPal on our website. Please email us at barcheck@outlook.com for any further information. 





Service offer includes:

  • Provide Hospitality Workers with Jobs.
  • Employers create an account, post jobs, and view applicants for free.
  • Employees create accounts, view, and apply to jobs for free.
  • Advertise events, deals, products, and services on our website.
  • Referral to liquor and beverage suppliers.
  • Receive updates via text messages and emails.

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